Major UpdatesEdit

  • Multipregnancy added. Possible pregnancies include: identical twins, fraternal twins, and triplets. No interaction are available for babies 2 and 3 at this time. If you are pregnant with triplets, keep you strength above 50 or you will not be able to perform any actions.
  • New variable: Multiple Pregnancy Chance. Starts at 1% but any increase in fertility will increase this variable. Be careful as it decreases very slowly.
  • Dragon TF added. Activated by using the Komodo cigarettes item. Be careful as the Dragon TF will occur immediately upon reaching the appropriate threshold for change.
  • Added 3 new testing items. One makes you pregnant with a pregnancy type of your choice (single, twins, triplets). The other two are for adding or removing traits and sex traits. Be advised, that if you are futanari and you clear the sex traits you will lose your penis and will not be able to get it back.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Werewolf TF is no longer possible if you have started down any of the inhuman TFs.
  • Added arousal penalties, sort of. Skills will be altered temporarily but these alterations are currently not recognized by the game. If you reach maximum arousal you will either masturbate or have sex which depends on whether you are in public or at home respectively. Who you have sex with depends on your orientation and how you have sex will depend on whether you are a futanari or not. Werewolf has a unique maximum arousal effect with implied vore.

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