Bug FixesEdit

  • Shopaholic, Big Eater, Light Eater, Fast Metabolism and Slow Metabolism now show up properly on the Traits listing.
  • Light Eater will no longer trigger a status update every. Single. Turn.
  • Changed some stuff in the Go Home From Beach function, so that hopefully clothes will stop getting stuck on you.
  • Some typos fixed in Genevieve's dates.
  • The form-fitting clothes can now be found in the specialty store, since I forgot to add them before. They do not have descriptions when when yet.
  • You should no longer lose health at the end of the first day that you can choose your meal plan.
  • Restricting underwear will no longer get taken out of your purchased clothes inventory when you get the Slave trait.
  • Shoes are now taken off when you get home from walking, so that you'll no longer be able to put on two sets of shoes.
  • Internet Reporter will now pay you properly, and advance time properly so that you can go home after your shift.
  • When you get the special stripper clothes for declining a promotion, they'll stay in your purchased clothes inventory rather than jumping out the next time you work.
  • Genevieve now has an examine option (whoops).
  • If you miss the first day of work in the Journalism and Business tracks, the characters will now remark on that and your job performance will be decreased by 2, but you'll be able to work.
  • If you try to go on a maid job while your cleaning supplies are depleted, the message will be a little more explicit on how you can get more.
  • The nun outfit now gets worn properly when using the Get Dressed command, rather than saying it doesn't fit constantly.
  • Getting offended as a maid when asked to have sex instead and walking out will move the player back to the Foyer.
  • Dominant and Submissive thresholds have been increased by 15 points as a temporary measure while I try to figure out a way to make them harder to get but more worthwhile.
  • New clothes (with the exception of form-fitting clothes) have been added to the proper groups so that they can be tailored.
  • You can no longer clean your apartment in the Late Night time block.
  • You can no longer beat the crap out of the guard in the Lab infinitely.

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