Major UpdatesEdit

  • New job promotion (Journalism): Internet Reporter. There's one new event, and another that will be added in the next update (it's far more complicated than most other job events, annoyingly).
  • New character: Lydia. She has a 10% chance of showing up in the mall when you go, but just because she's there doesn't mean she'll talk to you. After all, how would you deal with someone who walked up to you and said "hi" in the mall, when you didn't know them? You have to wait for your chance. She currently proceeds until you get her phone number.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New trait: Shopaholic - You love shopping at the mall. Going to the mall reduces arousal once per day. Not going to the mall increases your arousal at the end of the day.
  • New trait: Fast Metabolism - Meals are less fattening, but eating too little will have even worst consequences on your health at the end of the day.
  • New trait: Slow Metabolism - Meals are more fattening, but not eating while overweight will actually reduce your weight (functionally: if weight < 60 and fullness = 0, then weight + 2 [thinner], else health loss per usual).
  • New trait: Big Eater - Meals are less filling, allowing you to eat more.
  • New trait: Light Eater - Meals are more filling, but eating very little no longer carries a risk of health loss. Eating nothing still results in health loss.
  • New trait: Neat Freak - Apartment cleanliness stays at spotless longer and gets dirty slower, but having a very dirty apartment will increase your arousal due to stress.
  • Adjusted trait: Slob - Apartment cleanliness will never get to Spotless, but will also never get to the worst levels of dirtiness.
  • Maternity clothing descriptions are now complete for all levels of pregnancy up to birth.
  • New clothes: Polo shirt and khakis, french maid outfit, Japanese maid outfit, jumpsuit. All of these are for the maid job: the polo shirt will prevent maid reputation from reaching either extreme, maid outfits will prevent reputation from being professional, and jumpsuit will prevent reputation from being slutty. You can only have one type of outfit.
  • You can now decline a promotion at the strip club three times and get the relevant outfit as a "reward".
  • New clothes: cheerleader outfit.


  • All new clothes DO NOT have proper player descriptions! Do not report this!

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