Bug FixesEdit

  • Nude Model workplace now has the photographer again (several characters got deleted somehow).
  • Cleaning supplies can now be replenished before you run out (the check was only letting you resupply if you were completely out).
  • Cashmere Overcoat and Raincoat can now both be toggled on.
  • Raincoat will now properly be worn in inclement weather if toggled on (it will default over the overcoat...or should).
  • Getting dressed at the strip club now uses the outfit that you put on before you left, and should apply everything properly.
  • Half time will now be reset whenever the time updates, or when you sleep. So if you use a half time block, and then a full time block, you have another half time block before the time will update.
  • Exercising naked should properly register, as should exercising in only the sports bra.
  • Jogging should now properly register the sports bra if you have it set in your exercise clothes.
  • Purple belted dress can now be worn in outfits, as per usual. There was a funky conditional check in there.
  • Nun outfit can now be set as part of an outfit.

Known BugsEdit

  • The outfits don't handle regular stockings very well. This is because the loop check looks for the word "stockings" and puts on the first one it finds. Since "fishnet stockings" also contains the word, the check doesn't work properly. This will be corrected when I remove the loop.
  • Setting outfits and putting them on runs a loop that lags out the game. Lesson learned: looping items is a bad idea.
  • Isolated report of charisma decreasing, not sure what's causing it.


  • Apartment cleanliness will be affected by things like lactation accidents in the future (generally it will decrease cleanliness by 1, 2 if you're lactating quite a lot).
  • You don't have to clean every day. If you let the apartment get dirty and leave it there, you'll eventually get the Slob trait. Once you've gotten that, you can safely ignore apartment cleanliness, as it will never get low enough to affect your health (technically speaking, it does, but your character just doesn't care).
  • If you're really concerned about cleaning every day, buy the cleaning supplies, and Tidy Up once every three days, and you'll be all set.
  • The bathtub/shower will eventually get some love in the form of Cold Showers: half time block, reduce arousal by 15% if it's over 50%.
  • The Maid job is not complete. It's complete in and of itself, but there will be an option to make it into an actual Job rather than a side-job. Eventually.

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