Major UpdatesEdit

  • New career/job: Publisher -> Blogger. Only the first level (there are no promotions). There's some things missing from this (namely, lack of dress code, lack of problems with arousal), but it's basically functional.
  • New Side Job: Maid. To become a maid, you need to do the following: buy a computer. Buy the cleaning supplies (available at the convenience store). This will unlock a command on the computer: Start Maid-for-hire business. Note that your technical aptitude skill will determine how effective your website is (i.e. how likely you are to get a job on a given day, with a low of 10% for shitty scores and a high of 60% for excellent scores). Then, once per day, you can check the computer to see if you have a job the following day. Note that you can (and if you're not careful, probably will), run into scheduling conflicts between your maid job and your real one.
    • Cleaning supplies are limited: you can only have 7 uses (1 use = 1 job), and must replenish them at the rate of 1 use for $5. If you have no supplies, you cannot go on a maid job. However, you can replenish the supplies at home easily enough.
  • New clothing system. You can get dressed in whatever you want (including jewelry and accessories), and then set the outfit at the closet for future use. Currently this involves loops and therefore has a lag when you're setting it or getting dressed. I'll work on removing the loop for the next update.
  • You now get to choose what shoes you want to wear when you leave the apartment. The top option (with the exception of the first time you leave) will always be Last Worn Shoes, so if you're satisfied with what you wore last time, you can just hit enter or click ok to put those shoes on again.
  • Apartment cleaning system. You'll see messages in every room about how clean your overall apartment is. At low levels, this will add to your Slob trait, and at really low levels, it'll negatively affect your health. To clean up, use the room portrait actions. Tidy Up increases cleanliness to a point below the maximum (14/20), but doesn't take any time. Clean Up can increase cleanliness to max and raises cleanliness faster, but takes a time unit. Clean Thoroughly is only available when your apartment is pretty dirty (less than 10 of 20), takes two time units, and increases cleanliness a lot. The cleaning supplies give you a bonus to cleaning (i.e. Tidy Up normally raises Cleanliness by 1 point, but with cleaning supplies increases it by 3) without using any of the supplies up. Note that apartment cleaning is the only way to raise the Cleaning Skill, and that the more time you spend cleaning, the more the skill will rise (i.e. Clean Thoroughly gives you much more points per time unit spent than Tidy Up).
  • Showering, makeup and vitamins are now all automated. When you wake up in the morning, you'll get a message about showering (as long as you don't have the Slob trait), putting on makeup (requires that you put it on before, and that femininity is greater than 20), and taking a vitamin (defaults to multivitamin if available; if it isn't, defaults to vitamin C; if neither, no message is displayed).
  • Many exercise actions at home now use the Half Time system. Rather than using up a full time block, exercise actions use a half time block, and you have to use two halves to use up a full time block. Note that this currently carries over to the next day: if you use a half time block on day 1, and then a half time block on day 2, that counts as a full time block. This is an oversight on my part and will be fixed later. Other Half Time actions (like taking a cold shower, for example) will be added in the next update.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The cashmere overcoat is now a toggle like the raincoat. Note that you cannot have both toggled on: it's one or the other. I'll be setting things up so that the raincoat can be toggled on to be the default on rainy days, so you can have both if you want, in the next update.
  • Exercise actions will now automatically put on your exercise clothes: you do not need to put them on yourself. Simply set your exercise clothes in the closet, and when you work out, the game will make decisions based on what you set.
  • When you leave the balcony, if you need to shower (and don't have the slob trait), you'll move automatically to the bathroom to do so. You'll also automatically re-apply makeup if appropriate.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed Error message that popped up when moving from the balcony to any room after exercising.
  • Fixed Inability to use the treadmill due to clothing.
  • Fixed Blogger job action "Get to Work" not doing anything.
  • Fixed Message about meeting maid client even if you're not a maid.
  • Added action to go to client's house as a maid.
  • Added message about when to go to the client's house as a maid.
  • Cleaning supplies were registering as empty when actually full.
  • Work, Extra Outfit 1 and Extra Outfit 2 were not wearing underwear properly.
  • Exercise equipment will now properly register if you decide to exercise naked (note that naked is the default).

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