Major UpdatesEdit

  • New item: Concentrate. Available from the drug dealer, this will reduce your height. It costs the same as the growth serum ($150), and also has events similar to the temporary giantess and giantess bad end seen with the growth serum.
  • You can now call out sick to work, ask for a vacation day, and be penalized for missing work. You get 5 sick days per month, and accrue 2 vacation days per month. If you try to call out sick when you're not sick, then (depending on how not sick you are) there's a chance you will be caught and lose a Job Performance point as a result. If you call out sick more than 5 days in a month, you'll lose a JP point each time beyond 5. If you don't call out at all, you will lose 5 points.
  • You can now be fired for poor performance. If you get to -10 JP at any non-self-employed job, then you will get a call and lose your job. Maria will show up the next day to berate you (she'll be unhappy about it), and the three job folders will show up again. You can take the same career you had before, but you'll start at the entry-level position. There will eventually be an option to turn an Extra Hobby (like being in a band) into a Job at this point, though there will be other opportunities to do so as well.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Health will now affect whether or not you can go to work. If your health is so bad that you're throwing up, you can't even leave the apartment, so be careful. And yes, this means that you might not be able to pay rent on time if you plan to negotiate with your landlord. You can also get Natural Charisma bonuses for having high (75+) health.
  • Charisma has been changed. Natural and Non-Natural charisma can now go up to 100, but still only add a maximum of 50 each to the Charisma check.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Revealing underwear and no underwear should no longer prevent you from leaving the apartment.
  • The mail slot now works as intended (i.e. you can check the mail any time after Early Afternoon).
  • Inhuman transformations will now show the correct eye color.
  • Multibreasts have been changed to show in a different way. They should still show in the breast description, but the code has been changed behind the scenes. Should be working now.
  • Going to the church on a Sunday will now trigger Sunday services automatically, as opposed to requiring you to examine the church.
  • The black one-piece corset was showing up as lacy black underwear when worn. Fixed.
  • Cocoa butter must be purchased in order to use it.
  • The breast pump can no longer be used infinitely until you start lactating. Once per day, as intended.

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