Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The "Set Body Shape" command can now be used to set your height to 7'. Note that this will flip the giantess switch, which will prevent you from ever being shorter, even with the testing item.
  • Drinking three doses of Concentrate will lock your height at 4'10", even with the testing item.
  • The "Set for Next Promotion" command can now be used for business promotions.
  • The bulletin board at the office will now show the requirements for the Office Girl and the Personal Secretary promotions (note: you must have sex with the VP at least once to see the Office Girl requirements).
  • Cum Addict trait no longer reduces by one each day, but rather by one each week. This should make the trait much easier to get.
  • The Business jobs will run the Time Of Day Update only once, and then set the time of day to the correct time. This means that any actions that are repeated when Time Of Day Update is run (such as your breasts filling with milk) will only happen once, rather than three times. I'll probably do this for other jobs as well, so consider this a test run.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The shrinking events will now trigger properly after the first one.
  • Jewelry will now properly update when you put on a new item, so that you won't get messages about trying to put on multiple items in the same "slot" (i.e. if you have the hoop earrings, the game won't try to put on the silver studs and hoop earrings when using the jewelry box).
  • Eye color should now show properly with all transformations.
  • The cowgirl full transformation will now point out that your face isn't quite normal.
  • The "Set Body Shape" option will now properly set your breasts to I, J, and K cup.
  • You can no longer drink Concentrate before buying it.
  • You can only talk to Maria about her second request once.
  • You can attend mass at the Church once every Sunday, and going into and out of the convent will no longer reset the action.
  • After running out of condoms, they will not longer show up in the pharmacy.


  • The requirements for the new jobs are as follows:
    • Office Girl = Job Performance 15, Office Work 25, Sex Skill 15, have sex with VP at least 3 times.
    • Personal Secretary = Job Performance 15, Office Work 30, Supervisory 5, Natural Charisma 10
  • In the church, if you choose the "Flirt" action with ANY nun, you will lose the nun outfit permanently.
  • If you download the game and get the "Sorry, this RAGS file is unreadable", it means the download was corrupted. Try downloading it again, or, alternatively, try a different browser.

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