Major UpdatesEdit

  • Chastity belt can now result in a special inhuman pregnancy. The more you wear it over night, the more likely you are to become pregnant. This can result in a bad end, though the requirements are kind of specific (you need wings and a very high morality).

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Clothing will now properly reflect any underwear combination you can think of. This includes the special outfit variations.
  • Maternity clothing has been slightly updated, but it's still not done (it doesn't make for fun streaming to do the same thing over and over again. There's about 90-100 more variations to do, which I will do either tomorrow or over the weekend).

Bug FixesEdit

  • Call Girl wedding request was not properly firing. Fixed.
  • The Get Dressed command was still checking weight for underwear. Fixed.
  • Going home from the beach was still checking weight for underwear. Fixed.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

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