Major UpdatesEdit

  • Something interesting will happen on Day 25, now...

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New item: Mail Slot. It's in the foyer. You can check your mail once a day (except Sundays), but it's mostly junk...mostly.
  • New location: Gift Shop. It's on the third floor of the mall. There doesn't seem to be anything worth buying in there, but if you had a reason to go shopping there...
  • If your health drops below 50 (normal), then you have a slightly increasing chance to wake up feeling terrible. These messages don't do anything other than notify you that your health is pretty far.

Bug Fixes and TweaksEdit

  • Arousal now shows as just a percentage on the status bar, so that it takes up less space.
  • The nuns now respond properly to being met. In other words, you will not constantly be introduced to them (note: Bianca and Su Li are still incomplete).
  • Nuns will also show their proper names in choices, rather than always showing Sister Claire. The texts are likely still screwed up, but I'm not worried about those yet.
  • The call girl sex assignments will now correctly reflect if your client is male or female, rather than defaulting to male (a lot of things went wrong here).
  • Pregnancy effects will now activate properly. Maternity clothes will update their descriptions (only on week 15 currently), and you'll now have to deal with stretch marks (swollen breasts and random, powerful hormone swings will be added later).

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