Major UpdatesEdit

  • Start of Genevieve relationship available.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Clothing system tweak: putting on clothes when you're already wearing clothes will take off the clothes you're currently wearing and put on the new outfit. You don't need to strip naked first anymore, though you can still do so. Note that this only works for clothes, not accessories or underwear.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Penis size adjustment now works.
  • Stockings no longer put knee high socks in your inventory when worn.
  • Fixed a problem with the lactation accident happening even if you'd milked yourself that day.


  • Here's some details on how the relationship system will work.
    • You'll have to talk to people first. You will have a variety of options to respond to their statements, and they'll have reactions to each statement. They will not repeat statements: if you run out of unique statements for that particular character, you'll get a generic "chat" message that will increase friendship by small amount. Pay attention during these chats: they'll help you figure out what the character does and does not like.
    • When you get to know someone, they will give you their phone number. You'll then be able to call them from your telephone at home and invite them to hang out. You'll have three randomly selected options, narrowed down based on time of day, weather, and season. There are 7 daytime options, and 8 nighttime options. Most options will have variants, such as, if you decide to go shopping, you'll choose what kind of shopping to do (clothes, underwear, just browsing, etc). People have their own tastes: if they like the location you choose, you'll get a bonus to friendship. If they like the activity, you'll get a bonus as well.
    • Activities have a 30% chance of spawning a "chance card", shamelessly stolen from the Sims. You can opt out of chance cards, or select an option. The option you choose has a 50% chance of being good or bad. These options will not affect your relationship, but rather will affect you and your skills.
    • Some activities and locations are labeled behind the scenes as "romantic". If you take someone with sufficient friendship levels to a romantic location, you'll have the opportunity to make a romantic overture. If you do, and are successful (skills and stats factor in), you'll enter into a romantic relationship with the person. If you decline, they will get the point and you'll be "just friends" for the remainder of the game. If you try and fail, it'll decrease friendship, but you can certainly try again later.
    • After a certain point, you'll get the option to "commit" to a specific partner. This will confirm that you are in an exclusive relationship and possibly open up new options or endings for that character. Also, when you're in a committed relationship, if you continue to build your relationship, you may get the option to have your partner move into your apartment with you. This has benefits and drawbacks.
    • Relationship NPCs will notice things about you. Are you a catgirl? Have you been having sex despite committing to them? Are you pregnant? Did you make them pregnant? Are you using magic to change them into a catgirl? They may or may not like these things based on their personalities.
    • More to come

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