Major UpdatesEdit

  • A variety of changes to pregnancy progression. NO, YOU STILL CANNOT GIVE BIRTH (yet). However, as your pregnancy progresses, things will happen. For example, you will find that exercise is not possible as your belly grows bigger. However, to make up for that, while pregnant, you will not gain weight as quickly. The only exercise option always available is yoga.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New Skill: Pregnancy/Parenting, along with some new books to increase it. This skill will not show up on the skill list unless it's relevant (you're pregnant or have a child). This skill will also have no direct bearing on the game, instead influencing certain things like endings.
  • Get Dressed command should now apply gloves.
  • Notes added to the Journalist and Services job folders to make it clear that they are not yet available.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Clothing system retooled again. Should be working now.
  • Fixed the cowgirl transformation so that it won't throw up errors.


  • Pay attention to the descriptions. Someone reported that the building manager wasn't getting the player pregnant. The building manager always wears a condom during the Month of Sex option.

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