Major UpdatesEdit

  • Sadly, none. Most of my time was spent on the stuff below.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New clothing: Maternity clothes. They are perfectly wearable, but the descriptions for them when you examine yourself are not working. That's because the descriptions will change as you become more pregnant over time, and I ran out of steam before I could implement that.
  • New command: Stripper Job Locker Get Dressed For Work. This command will put on the clothes you wore last (or the waitress outfit, if you're still a waitress), and the shoes you wore more recently. If you are clothed when you use the command, you will automatically strip, too.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Strip and Get Dressed have been fixed. There was a lot of shit to work on here. In addition to putting on and taking off clothes, it was important to make sure the command didn't take too long to run (which required three version changes, yay), then I had to make sure there was a way to add or remove any bonuses or penalties for shoes and jewelry, which took absolutely far too long. However, the good news is that the clothing system works, and should be working for every article of clothing, including the new stuff that I just added above.
  • Fixed the beach.
  • Breast pump is confirmed as working properly. Remember, just because your breasts are lactating doesn't mean there's enough milk in them to justify the use of the pump.

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