Major UpdatesEdit

  • New lactation system. You will now produce milk based on how strongly your body is lactating. This production occurs each time period, which means that if you're producing a lot of milk, you may have to use the breast pump more than once a day. Also, there are special events if you happen to max out your "reservoir", so to speak. Note that if you get your milk production up to ridiculous levels, then you'll pretty much be milking every three time periods, or otherwise getting the special event every three time periods. This is intended.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New clothing: white cotton dress, purple belted dress, and floral print dress.
  • New styles: Punk Girl, LadyLike, Amazon (can stack with other styles), Shy Girl (can stack with other styles). Punk girls need unnatural hair color, lots of visible piercings, nonfeminine hair and clothes, small breasts, relatively slim body. LadyLike needs relatively long, natural color hair, dresses, and some other stuff I can't remember right now. Amazon needs to be naturally tall, strong, and confident. Shy Girl needs to be short, weak, and nervous.

Bug FixesEdit

  • I tried changing some stuff for periods in an attempt to fix the periodpregnant bug.
  • Business Woman style will now properly show you when you activate it (it was activating previously, but not actually letting you know).
  • The testing feature allowing you to choose your landlord has been fixed (RAGS shuffled the conditional activation sequence and didn't tell me).
  • Probably some other stuff, but I honestly don't remember.

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