Major UpdatesEdit

  • New futa system. You still gain the futanari trait the same way, however, once you do, you will have the ability to change your penis size. This is a one way progression (it can only get bigger, not smaller), and more or less cumulative, for now at least. Also, if you try to make it grow too fast, you may encounter a bad end.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Special outfit now has 16 possible beneficial effects the first time you wear it. Usually skill bonuses of one or two points, but most also effect your femininity and occasionally your traits.
  • Revealing underwear, restricting underwear and black one piece corset have had their descriptions updated to make it clear that they have no purpose in the game yet.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The Strip Naked command will now take into account the nursing bra and the special outfit.
  • Going to the beach should now strip off your clothes properly.
  • There was an entire branch of the special outfit (the most feminine options) that wasn't firing correctly. Fixed.
  • There was a report that the umbrella and raincoat didn't have toggles. Unable to reproduce.

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