Major UpdatesEdit

  • Health system implemented. Generally speaking, things that are dangerous or unhealthy (like not eating, not eating enough, getting into a fight, etc) will make you unhealthy, and things that are healthy or good for you (exercise, eating right, etc) will make you healthy. The system will naturally gravitate towards healthy over time, but you can push it to extremes of unhealthiness and healthiness relatively easily. You get bonuses for being very healthy, and penalties for being unhealthy. (Hint: if you want to be a slut and screw everything with two legs, invest in vitamins)
  • New location: doctor's office. Only partially implemented , but the check-up will improve your health.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The Style Magazine will give you hints on styles when read. The hint you get is randomly determined, so you may get repeats.
  • New items: vitamin C and multivitamins, for bonus health.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed the weirdness with hair styles. Probably.

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