Major UpdatesEdit

  • Britney's first interaction has been added to the second mission (note: the second mission has TWO possibilities, depending on whether or not you managed to successfully seduce the blonde girl in the intro. If you skip the intro, you DO NOT get credit for seducing her) Currently working on the "blonde girl" leg of the second mission, so if you don't meet the conditions (if you get the mission to kidnap someone), then you won't meet Britney.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Shuffled some stuff around behind the scenes to streamline a couple of things.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Styles now properly apply when you leave the house without shoes on: the game will put the shoes on first, and then check for style requirements.


  • Britney is currently planned to be "relationship lite", so when she's done, you'll be able to see some of the features that will be in the relationship system (not yet though).

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