Major UpdatesEdit

  • Hairstyle system implemented. There's two versions: Professional and Amateur. Professional hairstyles (given by Genevieve) increase your Non-Natural Charisma by 5, decreasing by 1 point each day until it reaches zero. The Amateur version (when you make your hair up yourself) gives you a 2 point bonus to Non-Natural Charisma that lasts for 2 days, at which point it goes to zero. So the Amateur version is more consistent, but lasts less, and the Professional version is more effective and long-lasting, but less consistent and costs money.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The black dildo pregnancy will now properly reset your period, so that if you are menstruating before it makes you pregnant, you'll be able to wear underwear during the pregnancy.

Known IssuesEdit

  • There's a reported issue with the dildo panties.
  • Reported issue with sweatsuit still getting stuck in the locker at the Strip Club.

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