Major UpdatesEdit

  • Clothing system changed so that you can no longer wear all of your clothes at once.
  • New trait: Nearsighted. Results from wearing glasses and contacts too much. Currently doesn't deliver on the promised penalties.
  • New trait: Nylon Fetish. Gives you a bonus if you're wearing nylons or sheer nylons (not implemented) and increases your arousal outside your apartment if you're not wearing them (implemented).

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The Nudist, Nearsighted, and Nylon Fetish all show up on the Sex Traits and Normal Traits sections of the status.
  • Added in the socks, stockings and nylons.
  • New items: glasses, and colored contacts.
  • You can now change your eye color (currently an instantaneous change, will eventually happen overnight).

Bug FixesEdit

  • As mentioned above, you should no longer be able to wear multiple similar clothing items at the same time. This goes for everything except jewelry.
  • Sandals, strappy sandals, strappy heels are now properly checked when you use the Strip Naked command.
  • The nursing bra is now properly affected by the Strip Naked command.
  • Disabled the "Wear" command on certain items until you buy them.

Known BugsEdit

  • Lactation "accidents" still seem to happen, even if you're wearing the nursing bra.
  • You can wear all your jewelry at once.

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