Major UpdatesEdit

  • New footwear: sandals. Three different kinds. The strappy versions will increase your charisma even if you're not very skilled with the type of heel (they are analogous to the short and tall heels for skill requirements). However, make sure you read the rest of the notes: they're not always a good idea.
  • New clothing: socks and stockings. Nylons and Sheer nylons increase non-natural charisma just by wearing them, while knee high socks, stockings and fishnet stockings require you to find the right footwear to get the bonus.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Cold and Warm days have an effect now. If you wear the cashmere overcoat on a Warm day, your arousal will go up slightly, as you get too hot. On cold days, if you're not wearing the cashmere overcoat, you will suffer a slight penalty to health. If you're wearing sandals or skimpy clothes, the health penalty will be worse (maxes out at 4 points).

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