Major UpdatesEdit

  • New random event enables a new location: Abandoned Warehouse, the location of the city's illicit fight club. You can only go there once, currently, but more content will be added in a future update.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The thighmaster no longer changes your fitness or burns fat. It's strictly for shaping your butt (hence why it doesn't consume time to use it). It also works to push your butt towards "pert, heart-shaped", instead of just slimming it down.
  • Novice Stripper, Stripper, Exotic Dancer, and Private Dancer will now lose a little fat from working.
  • Renamed the file from Cursed Rebuild to just Cursed.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Lip balm can now be applied, and wears off properly as well.
  • Ballroom dancing now shows proper descriptions of the action.
  • Weight limits have been changed so that going to the tailor to get your clothes properly fitted, or buying new clothes/underwear will not lower or raise your weight.
  • Fixed hip changes (inflatable dildo was working fine; the system to change hip sizes wasn't)
  • Platform shoes and platform boots will now work correctly when you leave the strip club.

Known BugsEdit

  • Lip growth does not progress beyond normal (already fixed, but I'll put out a more comprehensive update tomorrow at some point).

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