Major UpdatesEdit

  • The dance studio is now a bit more fleshed out, with the option of four different dance classes. They all cost the same price, but can have slightly different effects. Also of note: you can only use the dance class once per day. More than that would be game-breaking.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Hips, butt and lips shape will now gravitate towards maintaining their current state at the end of the day. Still pretty easy to overcome if you're looking for a specific look, but once you're there, it's slightly easier to maintain that particular look.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Lip balm now properly wears off after two time periods, allowing you to re-apply it.
  • Thighmaster added to the furniture store.
  • Succubus transformation no longer boosts your inhibitions to 10 if they're lower than that.
  • Fixed an (apparently) unnoticed error with the lip, hip and butt shape scales.

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