Major UpdatesEdit

  • Your hip shape, butt shape, and lip shape can now change. Note that all three of these will naturally gravitate towards "neutral" values over time; for example, butt shape will slowly change to normal sized, assuming you don't influence yourself, whether it's smaller or bigger.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New items, mostly to influence your body shape. Lip balm for lips, thighmaster for butts, and the inflatable dildo for hips. Some actions have also been changed to influence these variables as well (for example, sit on your butt all day watching TV, and you might notice it getting bigger).
  • Tweaked the fat burning protocol to burn fat twice as fast. Whether or not it stays this way is up for debate.
  • New action at the food court: buy ice cream.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The CT_SETVARIABLE error has been fixed. Rejoice.

Known BugsEdit

  • The new items either don't go to the right places or aren't in the game. Whoops!

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