Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New command on the closet: Get Dressed for Exercise. Using this command will automatically strip you naked and put on the sports bra (if available) and the sweatsuit. It will not change your last worn clothes, so you can still use Get Dressed to put your standard clothes on.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Period bug fixed. Finally. Underwear will not be double-worn, and you can wear underwear during your period if you have tampons available.
  • The spiked collar and regular collar will go into the middle drawer when removed.
  • When removing clothes and underwear in the bathroom, they will be properly removed from your inventory and put it the proper container items.
  • Wearing just the sports bra will allow you to use the home exercise equipment without any kind of penalty.
  • Fixed a bug with random travel events when Induce Luck was active.

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