Major UpdatesEdit

  • The tailor now has three options. These options are always available: you don't have to wait until you get the "clothes don't/barely fit" message anymore.
    • Get Current Clothes Tailored: tailors only the clothes you are currently wearing. Costs $10.
    • Get Clothing Group Tailored: tailors all clothes within a specific clothing group (slutty, professional, etc.). Costs $40
    • Get All Clothes Tailored: tailors all your clothes. Costs $100

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The fight club event is now slightly more likely, and you will only encounter it once.
  • The hair color change event is now slightly less likely.
  • New testing function: Set For Next Promotion. Only works on the Eroticism career currently.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The period bug has been fixed! Here's what happened and why not everyone was reporting it: after you talk to Maria on day 17, there's a switch that activates so that periods happen normally. Which is exactly as intended, except when you asked Maria a specific question ("is my "equipment" fully functional" to be precise), the timer for the period check would active and run every turn. So, naturally, that would just screw everything up.
  • Found the problem with the stripper job. Skipping the "intro" day (the first Monday) would prevent the game from setting certain flags. Fixed (though if you miss the intro day now, your job performance will take a hit).
  • Werewolf transformation is now working as intended.

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