Major UpdatesEdit

  • More hooker options!

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Wolf Howls event will now be different if you are infected and if you are a werewolf yourself.
  • Tweaked Fat loss from exercise (it's now slower).
  • You can no longer buy the "special" tea from the drug dealer until after you speak to Maria on Day 17 (the special tea increases fertility, which means you can become pregnant before your "plumping" is turned on, so to speak).

Bug FixesEdit

  • Purple hair dye will now turn your hair purple instead of platinum.
  • Removed the possibility of seeing a random encounter on the way to the beach (there's no reason it should prevent you from automatically putting your swimsuit on, but it does for some reason...).
  • Getting hit by the big wave while swimming in a one-piece suit now properly advances time.
  • Jogging will now have you take a shower (only if you DON'T have the slob trait), and will advance time properly.
  • Saving the submissive girl at the bar and not taking advantage of her will no longer show a partial sex scene. On a related note, fixed her sex scene.
  • The blowjob option for the hooker job was had a dead end at a certain point because a scene was no included. Fixed.
  • Beach girls interaction now properly checks to see if it's too late after you're done interacting with them, and sends you home if appropriate. In addition, they will only stick around for one time block, so if you don't interact with them and do something else instead, they'll move on.

Known BugsEdit

  • People are still reporting crazy periods.
  • Still getting reports of problems with the stripper job.


  • It's an update that, once again, is labeled incorrectly (10/15 instead of 10/17).

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