Major UpdatesEdit

  • New location: the Beach. You'll need a swimsuit to really do anything there, so...
  • New items: swimsuits can now be purchased. They never require tailoring, so rest easy.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The syringe of green liquid (growth hormone) now has different text if you use it when knowing the effect.
  • Due to overwhelming demand, lactation has been tweaked. It's now actually easier than it used to be to get started on lactation, but the levels have been tweaked a bit, so that it's just a bit harder to max out.

Bug FixesEdit

  • You can now go jogging at the appropriate times, and only once per day.
  • Go for a walk now takes time, as was intended.
  • Buying the t-shirt and jeans doesn't degrade your body size anymore.

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