Major UpdatesEdit

  • Pray is back in the game, more or less. The pew now defaults to the Reflect command, which will give you two choices. Depending on which choice you pick, you can develop a tendency towards religion (which unlocks the Pray option), or a tendency towards disrespecting religion (which unlocks the other option). This is all placeholder text for now, though, so don't expect anything great and terrible.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The second floor of the mall now has a new item: the donation box. You can donate money for a morality boost (one or two points, depending on what you donate). However, if you're not interested in donating money, try showing up with the lock picks in your inventory...
  • New testing item command: Strip Everything. It should removing all clothing, underwear, jewelry and gloves and put them in their proper containers. Note that this command can be used anywhere and could potentially break the game. I am not responsible for failure to heed the warning.

Bug FixesEdit

  • All clothes will now be removed when you use the bed.
  • The special outfit had some descriptions being set wrong. Fixed.
  • Nuns will no longer keep appear in the convent.
  • Nuns now have the Talk action properly activated, so you can, you know, talk to them.
  • If you leave the apartment without wearing any gloves or socks, the game will remember that and not add them next time you use the Get Dressed command. Still trying to figure out how to do this for jewelry (much harder).
  • Futanari multi-dick bad end has had the threshold for activating it lowered from 15 points to 10 points. Still only a 10% chance if you're over that threshold though.


  • There is no way to increase inhibitions. Inhibitions only goes down. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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