Transformation is what Cursed! is about, this page will contain a list of all transformations, the effects of them, and how to obtain them. Note that all inhuman transformations are locked out until after day 60 by default. Currently they can be unlocked early by using the testing item.

Some (all?) transformations will increase 'Suspicion'. The more obviously inhuman you look, the more likely bad things will happen to you when you leave your apartment. Currently, it's just a warning, but eventually, you'll actually have to defend yourself or run away or...something.

  • Wings can be hidden by Cashmere Overcoat to reduce suspicion.
  • Inhuman ears can be hidden by Hats to reduce suspicion.
  • Inhuman eyes can be hidden by sunglasses to reduce suspicion.
  • Illusion magic can be used to reduce suspicion from all sources.

All transformations are represented on a scale of 0-100. Every action you take towards a specific transformation increases the statistic by 1. All transformations finish at 100.

Most transformations are mutually exclusive - you cannot mix traits from both the Catgirl and Cowgirl transformations, for example. Some minor transformations, such as Wings and possibly Futanari, can be mixed with other transformations.

AnonymousMan has confirmed that Goo-Girl will be added into the game at some point, and it will lead to a "bad end".


Acquired by: Lithe Pill, Bag of Herbal Tea, and/or Egyptian Cat statue (from the lab )

Catgirl Unique Traits

Playful - Catgirls find fun in everything they do. Arousal rises slightly slower (-1 point for every 5 points you would normally gain).
Oh, Shiny! - Catgirls are easily distracted by their natural curiosity. Tasking requiring focus, such as skill training and jobs, have a 20% chance of going poorly (no Job Performance or skill gain, but the time block is still used up).
Litters - Catgirls tend to give birth to multiple children (Multiple Pregnancy Chance increases by 20 and cannot go below 20).
Heat - When capable of conceiving, catgirls go into heat. Fertility is increased by 20, and arousal cannot go below 40.
Caterwauling - Catgirl vocal cords and new instincts make the catgirl sound different. Sentences sometimes have meowing sounds, and are occasionally punctuated with "nya". Music skill cannot go above 75.
Cute - Though no one else can see the catgirl's true features, she exudes a natural cuteness. Natural Charisma +5.
Clean - Catgirls are naturally fastidious. Cleaning the apartment adds an additional +1 to Apartment Cleanliness.
Hydrophobic - Catgirls hate getting wet. Showers are tolerated, but there's no way she'll ever take a bath or go swimming.
Catnap - Catgirls can fall asleep anywhere. Using the catnap option allows the player to use one time block and reduce arousal by 20%.


Acquired by: After you're Lactating, then drink your own milk from the Breast Pump. The Growth Inducer also increases the Cow transformation.

Cowgirl Unique Traits

Sedate - Cowgirls are pretty laid back. At the end of the day, they get an automatic 15% reduction to arousal.
Healthy Weight - Cowgirls naturally produce milk, which requires them to maintain a healthy supply of body fat to fuel the process. Weight cannot go above 60.
Milk Machine - Cowgirls lactate almost constantly. Lactation cannot go below 75, and breasts cannot go below D-cup.
Muscle Mass - Despite their docility, cowgirls are quite strong. Strength cannot go below 40.
Off-Balance (udder only) - Cowgirls with udders find it difficult to move gracefully. Dancing skill cannot go above 50.
Moo! - Cowgirls tend to moo, either by drawing out "m" sounds, or during sex as a lusty exclamation.
Milky Arousal (no udder only) - Cowgirls really enjoy getting milked, as their breasts are more sensitive. Arousal increases by 5% after being milked.


Acquired by: Herbal Pill and/or Weird Painting (May only be used once per day, acquired from The Lab )

Succubus Unique Traits

Always Ready - As creatures of lust, succubi are always ready for a romp in the proverbial hay. Arousal cannot go below 50.
Depraved - Nothing is taboo for a succubus. They are experienced with all sexual kinks and fetishes, with the exception of Submissive (no one orders her around!).
Sexual Hunger - Succubi live on sexual energy. Food is no longer required (but can still be eaten), but if the succubus goes more than 7 days without sex, they get weaker as if they were normal humans who were starving.
Predatory Instinct - As sexual predators, succubi constantly crave sex, and have difficulty denying themselves. If the opportunity for sex arises, the succubus can only decline if arousal is less than 75, and that raises arousal by 20 immediately. If arousal is above 75, the succubus can't help but try to get sex, with success or failure determined normally, and the bonuses and consequences of such being applied (basically, if you're really aroused, say, at the end of the date, you'll try to force yourself on your date, who may accept or may reject).
Seductive - Succubi exude an aura of sexuality and seductive energy. Natural Charisma cannot go below 20.
Shapely - Succubi are designed to be as attractive as possible, and revel in their attractiveness. Weight cannot go below 50, breasts cannot go below C-cup, lips cannot go below cock-sucking lips, hips cannot go below womanly hips, butt cannot go below pert, heart-shaped butt, femininity cannot go below 50.
Anything That Moves - Succubi aren't terribly discerning when it comes to their targets. Sexuality is fixed at 50 (bisexual).
Haughty - Succubi believe themselves to be above trivial concerns. Office Work, Cleaning and Technical Aptitude skills cannot go above 50, and the succubus cannot become a maid (if she's already a maid, she quits the job immediately).


Have the Bird Sculpture from the Lab at your house for 100 days.

wings change depending on what transformation you have

Succubus=Succubus wings

Dragon=Dragon Wings

everything else=bird wings


Acquired by drinking Weird Chemical from the Lab.

Sex DollEdit

  • Acquired from usage of Inflatable Dildo. Leads to one of two bad ends.
    • When told, right click yourself (As if you were viewing your Appearance/Traits) and Masturbate for bad end 1.
    • Refuse to do the above for bad end 2.


Several different ways to acquire, but in the end you grow a penis.


To become a werewolf, you must become infected. (Wearing the Wolf Claw Necklace from the Mall will increase the chances of this happening)

Werewolf Unique Traits

Feral Instincts - Those infected with lycanthropy will find their minds occasionally manifesting their bestial nature. While this isn't dangerous, others will find it disconcerting. 5% chance of -5 Natural Charisma for the day.
Wolfish Manners - Werewolves will find that they make fast friends and strong enemies. Friendship increases by 1 per day for any relationship character the werewolf has met, but if Friendship is less than the current threshold (they won't take your call), it will only increase by 1 every two days (currently 1 every day).
Shaggy - Werewolves will find their hair grows faster than normal (new hair length every 10 days instead of every 15).
When wolf instincts > 50, but < 100 Dangerously Seductive - Werewolves that embrace their nature find people attracted to them for reasons they can't express. Natural Charisma + 5.
Hunger - While lycanthropes only change during a full moon, as they immerse themselves in their new bestial nature, they will find the wolf growing stronger. Blood and violence will excite them, increasing arousal. Other, darker urges can be surpressed...for now.
Howling - When excited, especially during sex, werewolves tend to act more wolfish, biting and howling in excitement.
When wolf instincts = 100 Uncontrolled Predator - Lycanthropes that fully embrace their nature will find it impossible to deny their urges, and won't want to anyway. Violence and blood will excite them, arouse them, and when arousal peaks, they will find their beastial nature taking over. Someone will die to sate their lust and hunger, and the police will be hunting for the killer (bad end).


Smoking too many Komodo Cigarettes can have interesting effects on your health.

Dragon Unique Traits

Bigger Is Better - Dragons never really stop growing. Once a month, the dragon-girl automatically grows taller. If she is already at maximum height (the tallest this monthly growth can make you is 6' 10"), the growth goes to a random part of their body: weight (fatter), breasts, hips, butt, penis (if futa).
Extreme Omnivore - Dragons can eat just about anything, and a constant hunger, fueled by their slow growth and fire-breath, drives them to do just that. If the dragon-girl ends the day with fullness < 25, a random purchasable item is consumed (it can be rebought).
Oviposition - Dragons lay eggs rather than have live births. However, as these eggs can only be fertilized by another dragon, they can never hatch. Once per month, the dragon-girl lays a clutch of eggs. This activity takes the entire day to complete.
Fire Breath - Dragons smoke naturally, and no longer gain any benefits or drawbacks from cigarettes.
Hoarder - Dragons love shiny valuables, and more importantly, love having shiny valuables. For every 5 pieces of jewelry owned, the dragon-girl gets -5 arousal per day. Have less than 5 items produces a feeling of anxiety that increases arousal by 5 per day.
Draconic Strength - Dragons are extremely powerful. Strength cannot go below 60.

Note: You only gain points toward this transformation when you finish smoking a komodo cigarette, and "the odd warmth in your chest" increases. Each time you light a cigarette, this message will show up after fourteen actions; the passage of time does not matter. 


Can be reached by either taking a drug to grow taller or encountering the Amazon random event. Can lead to either a giantess bad end or a temporary height boost when walking or jogging.


Acquired from the usage of Chastity Belt if you have the Birds Wings and very High Morality. Leads to a good end.

High SuccubusEdit

To get the High Succubus transformation :

  • You need to be a "normal" succubus (with the herbal pills or the weird painting).
  • You need to have the bird sculpture from the Lab.

After you get the succubus transformation AND the wings transformation (which will not be bird wings but bat-like wings), you need to have sex with a lot of people (you'll get a message saying that you feel "a bit stronger"). After that, one day, your character will transform into a High Succubus (more and bigger horns, bigger wings which will allow you to fly).

There are no special effects for the High Succubus transformation yet.


(not curently in game)

Doggirl Unique Traits

Loyal - Dog-girls make excellent friends. Friendship increases by 1 for any relationship character the dog-girl has met, up to the limit for the current friendship threshold.
Energetic - Dog-girls never seem to run out of energy. Fitness cannot go below 50.
Happy to See You - Dog-girls find it very difficult to conceal their emotions. Deception cannot go above 50.
Acute Senses - Dog-girls have very sensitives noses and ears, and can pick up on things other people might not even realize. They can determine if sexual advances are likely to succeed, before initiating them.
Dog Humping - Dog-girls never really figure sex out. Sex skill cannot go above 50.
Panting - Dog-girls don't breathe hard, they pant.
Wind in My Fur - Dog-girls love to run. Jogging and treadmills reduce arousal by 10%.
Shaggy - Dog-girls will find their hair grows faster than normal (new hair length every 10 days instead of every 15).
Litters - Dog-girls tend to give birth to multiple children (Multiple Pregnancy Chance increases by 20 and cannot go below 20).
Heat - When capable of conceiving, dog-girls go into heat. Fertility is increased by 20, and arousal cannot go below 40.

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