A clothing store. They tend to have specialty clothes, like medical scrubs and other such oddities.

Located in the Mall.

  • Cashmere Overcoat - $125
A long black cashmere overcoat. It's quite long, reaching all the way to your ankles, and very warm for chilly winter months.
  • Black V-neck Dress - $130
A black sleeveless dress. The v-neck allows you to show off some cleavage, while the hem stops about halfway down your thigh. Despite the obvious amount of skin it shows, it still gives off an air of professionalism.
  • Black Halter Vest Top and Skirt - $110
A black, v-neck, button up halter vest, and a matching, rather short skirt.
  • Black Dress with White Jacket - $80
A black, sleeveless dress that goes to mid-thigh, over which is worn a white, collarless jacket. It's a very alluring, yet professional look.
  • Black Cutaway Gown - $125
A long black, two-piece dress. The top piece is connected to the bottom piece by a sparkling piece of jewelry. The gown covers your legs completely, and the top covers your breasts adequately, but also makes them somewhat more prominent.
  • One-piece Swimsuit - $50
A dark blue one piece swimsuit. It looks comfortable enough, though uncomfortably feminine.
  • Bikini - $75
A fashionable red bikini. Still pretty modest, but it shows of a lot of skin. (Requires 30+ Feminity to use or Exhibitionist instead.)
  • Skimpy Bikini - $100
A bikini that barely qualifies for the title. It covers your nipples, and most of your vagina, but the stylish black material doesn't cover much else. You have to wonder just how people wear this sort of thing in public.
It costs $100, which seems ridiculous considering the lack of material used... (Requires 50 inhibition or less, or Exhibitionist).
  • Nun Outfit - $100
A simple nun outfit, consisting of unflattering black robes, and a black coif to cover your head. The only thing you can think of that this outfit would be useful for is to pretend to be a nun: it's not sexy, flattering or inconspicuous enough for anything else.