A furniture store. Rumor has it the proprietor doesn't quite understand the concept of naming things, hence, the Bucket. You can buy new furniture here.

Located in the Mall.

  • Bookshelf - $80
  • Yoga Mat - $50
    A blue, padded mat. It is meant to be used for yoga exercises, and comes with a free instruction book describing the various poses.
  • Treadmill - $350
    A treadmill. Surprisingly low-tech, but a good workout nonetheless.
  • Weight Kit - $175
    A kit of weights, designed for free-lifting at home. The kit contains the bars, as well as weights of various sizes and mass, so that you can customize your experience.
  • Thighmaster - $65
    Two pieces of padded metal tube, attached together with a hinge. The intent is to put it between your legs and squeeze them together, strengthening your thighs. Also helpful for toning your gluteus maximus (your butt).
  • Recliner - $200
    A comfortable leather reclining chair. A comfortable place to sit, and plush enough to fall asleep easily.