Acquired by: Herbal Pill and/or Weird Painting (May only be used once per day, acquired from The Lab )


All transformations take place overnight, with the exception of the two Breast Growths, which take 3 nights to take place. Every step of the transformation increases your minimum arousal by 5 (50 total)

Red Eyes [10]
Breast Growth [20]
Reformed Feet [30]
Breast Growth [40]
Heart-Shaped Tail [50]
Claws / Reduced Lust loss (50%?) [60]
Inhibition lowers to 10 [70]
Horns [80]

Porn Addict / Kinky / Dominant / Sadist / Masochist / Multiple Orgasms / Exhibitionist / Bondage / Slut

(Will lose the Submissive and Slave traits, if you have them at this point)

Inhibition lowers to 0 [100]

Unique TraitsEdit

  • Always Ready - As creatures of lust, succubi are always ready for a romp in the proverbial hay. Arousal cannot go below 50.
  • Depraved - Nothing is taboo for a succubus. They are experienced with all sexual kinks and fetishes, with the exception of Submissive (no one orders her around!).
  • Sexual Hunger - Succubi live on sexual energy. Food is no longer required (but can still be eaten), but if the succubus goes more than 7 days without sex, they get weaker as if they were normal humans who were starving.
  • Predatory Instinct - As sexual predators, succubi constantly crave sex, and have difficulty denying themselves. If the opportunity for sex arises, the succubus can only decline if arousal is less than 75, and that raises arousal by 20 immediately. If arousal is above 75, the succubus can't help but try to get sex, with success or failure determined normally, and the bonuses and consequences of such being applied (basically, if you're really aroused, say, at the end of the date, you'll try to force yourself on your date, who may accept or may reject).
  • Seductive - Succubi exude an aura of sexuality and seductive energy. Natural Charisma cannot go below 20.
  • Shapely - Succubi are designed to be as attractive as possible, and revel in their attractiveness. Weight cannot go below 50, breasts cannot go below C-cup, lips cannot go below cock-sucking lips, hips cannot go below womanly hips, butt cannot go below pert, heart-shaped butt, femininity cannot go below 50.
  • Anything That Moves - Succubi aren't terribly discerning when it comes to their targets. Sexuality is fixed at 50 (bisexual).
  • Haughty - Succubi believe themselves to be above trivial concerns. Office Work, Cleaning and Technical Aptitude skills cannot go above 50, and the succubus cannot become a maid (if she's already a maid, she quits the job immediately).

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