Unassigned Skill Points Edit

Used to increase the level of all the skills when performing any action that increases them. For example:

"Deception(2) --> Deception(4)" will cause "Unassigned Skill Points(4) --> Unassigned Skill Points(2)"

If you don't have any left, you will receive a message telling you that you didn't manage to improve the skill. Luckily, you get 3 at the start of every day (unless you have the robot TF, then you only get 1). Also, you begin the game with 150 unassigned skill points.


Skill Levels Gained from Used for
Martial Arts 01 Abysmal
10 Awful
20 Poor
30 Acceptable
40 Average
50 Good
60 Very Good
70 Excellent
85 Unmatched
100 Perfect

Workout: Dojo

Martial Arts DVD (up to 20 total skill)

Fighting in Fight Club

Twice in the Lab Quest (Victor and Security Guard)

Random encounters involving mugging

Fighting in Fight Club

Dancing 01 Three Left Feet (Somehow)
10 Two Left Feet
20 Klutz
30 Technically Capable
40 Capable
50 Able
60 Quick Feet
70 Sensual Stepper
85 Footlose Expert
100 Simply Perfect

Train at The Right Moves (mall)

Dancing DVD (up to 20 total skill)

Read 'Light Feet' (up to +20 additional skill)

Random Stripper Events

Random Stripper Events

Required for promotions as a Stripper

Bypass security cameras in the Lab Quest

Office Work 01 Abysmal
10 Awful
20 Poor
30 Acceptable
40 Average
50 Good
60 Very Good
70 Excellent
85 Unmatched
100 Perfect

Computer: Typing

Read 'Office Environments for Imbeciles' (up to 30)

Random Business Events

Random Business Events

Used for Promotion in Office

Supervisory 01 Can't Lead a Dog
10 Unable To Command Young Children
20 Inspires Teen Rebellion
30 Capable of Leading One Person
40 Trainee Shift Leader
50 Shift Leader
60 Manager
70 Company Manager
85 Capable of Leading An Army
100 Capable of Leading An Army Against God

Computer: Simulation game

Random Television Channel (up to 10)

Read 'Waving the Flag' (up to 25)

Used for Promotion in Office
Technical Aptitude 01 Luddite
10 Unnatural Fear of Technology
20 Used a Computer Before
30 Familiar With Basic Computer Operations
40 Computer Savvy
50 Novice Hacker
60 Skilled Hacker
70 Technology Master
85 Technology Wizard
100 Technomancer

Read 'Handsome and Handy' (up to 20)

Mind Expander (small blue pill)

Random Business Event

Computer: Hacking game

Random Business Event

@Lab mission: Hack computer. Hack Keypad, Hack Cameras.

Deception 01 Cannot tell a lie
10 Unable to obfuscate the truth
20 Afraid of getting caught in a lie
30 Nervous but capable
40 Budding Liar
50 Skilled Liar
60 Subversive
70 Amateur Spy
85 Master Spy
100 Politician

Computer: Poker game

Read 'Poker Face' (up to about 20)

Mind Expander (small blue pill)

Random Stripper Events

Random Stripper Events

Used to disable the alarm at the Lab

Sex Skill 01 Dead Weight
10 Limp Fish
20 Unsure Love-Maker
30 Read A Book About Sex Once
40 Can Perform Reasonably Well
50 Better Than Average
60 Skilled In Love
70 Lady Of Love
85 Queen Of Courtesans
100 Aphrodite

Masturbate (max 10)

Have sex

Dildo (up to about 50)

Perform sexual actions (masturbate, dildo, sex).
Heels Skill 01 Uncomfortable With Heels
05 Comfortable with Short Heels
15 Comfortable With Medium Heels
25 Comfortable With Tall Heels
40 Supernaturally Balanced
Wear heels

Wear heels

Medium, Tall, Stiletto and Ballet heels may give the Reformed Feet trait

Dexterity 01 Clumsy
05 Half Thumbs
15 Fingers Obey
25 Agile Fingers
40 Perfectly Dextrous
Play Guitar

Random Business Event

Used to pick the side door lock during the Lab Quest

01 discordant at best Edit
11 Beginner Edit
21 Amateur Musician Edit
31 Novice Musician Edit
karaoke machine

+1 per day till ~ 20

Play Guitar

+2 per use

Magic 01 Poser
10 Charlatan
20 Stage Magician
30 Modicum of Talent
40 Talent, But No Skill
50 Mage Apprentice
60 Mage
70 Wizard
85 Archmage
100 Supreme Archmage

Acquire by touching Strange Artifact  (Lab)

Cast practice spell (max 20)

Cast higher level spells

Going out in Thunderstorms (max +1 per day)

Gives access to Magic Store at the Mall

Mana = Magic score

Minimum score required to cast higher level spel