A tattoo parlor. Apparently a franchise of the not-really-famous San Diego Ink parlor, you can get new tattoos here.

Located in the Mall.

To get a tattoo, you must have an inhibition level of 80 or less except for tramp stamps which require an inhibition level of 65 or less.

All tattoos cost $100, and are PERMANENT.

  • Upper/Lower Right/Left Arm
    • Rose: "Everyone loves that one. Romantic, some would say."-Chartreause (+1 Sex Skill, +1 Natural Charisma)
    • Skull: "Pretty macabre, really, but some people like that."-Chartreause (+2 Natural Charisma)
    • Lady Sailor: "I don't think I've ever given a woman that tattoo, but hey, even I [Chartreuse] think it's sexy."-Chartreause (+1 Sex Skill, -1 Sexuality, +1 Natural Charisma)
    • Tribal Band: "I think it's lost meaning lately, but hey, if that's what you want, that's what you get."-Chartreause (-1 Sexuality (just on upper arm), +3 Natural Charisma)
    • Sword: "I like that one, myself. A symbol of oppression and freedom, and it just looks cool when I do it."-Chartreause (-1 Inhibition)
    • Kanji (Love): "I don't know why people are so interested in getting Japanese words as tattoos. I guess they think it makes them look mysterious and attractive."-Chartreause (+1 Natural Charisma, +2 Sex Skill)
    • Kanji (Harmony): "I don't know why people are so interested in getting Japanese words as tattoos. I guess they think it makes them look mysterious and attractive."-Chartreause (+2 Office Work)
    • Star: "I'm sorry, I just think that stars are boring. I'll do it, but it's just not very good as a tatoo."-Chartreause
  • Upper Back
    • Angel Wings: "Projects innocence and adherence to societal rules."-Chartreause (+2 Deception, +2 Natural Charisma)
    • Devil Wings: "Lets people know your [sic] a bit of a rebel, strong-willed, like that."-Chartreause (+1 Deception, +2 Natural Charisma)
    • Dragon (Eastern): "Hm, eastern dragon, I like that one. A symbol of power and inner strength."-Chartreause (+1 Martial Arts, +2 Natural Charisma)
    • Dragon (Western): "Supposed to indicate strength and guil, but a lot of people just find them sexy as hell. Like me."-Chartreause (+2 Deception, +1 Sex Skill, +2 Natural Charisma)
    • Lady Of War: "Not many people want a lady knight permanenty displayed on them, but I think it shows that you're commanding and confident."-Chartreause (+2 Supervisory, +1 Deception)
    • Magical Girl: "Popular with Japanese guys, for some reason."-Chartreause(+1 Deception, +2 Sex Skill, +2 mana (if you have touched the artifact))
  • Lower Back (Tramp Stamp)
    • Barb Wire (+2 Natural Charisma)
    • Trashy Line (+2 Natural Charisma, +2 Sex Skill)
    • Romantic Line (+2 Natural Charisma, +2 Sex Skill)
    • Arrow ( +2 Natural Charisma, +3 Sex Skill)
  • Right/Left Ankle
    • Barbed Wire: "Dangerous, handle with care. I like it."-Chartreause
    • Tribal Band: "I personally think the tribal band has lost meaning, but hey, if it's what you want, it's what you get."-Chartreause (+1 Natural Charisma)
    • Dolphin: "You know, everyone thinks they're playful, but I've heard they're actually the assholes of the sea. Still cute though."-Chartreause (+2 Natural Charisma)