A clothing store for pregnant women.

Located in the Mall.

Breast Pump - $125

A small vacuum device, with a tube attached to a suction cup. According to the instructions, you're supposed to attach the cup to your nipple, turn on the device, and it will suck out any milk from your breasts. A warning notes that it's not for use by non-pregnant or nursing women.

Nursing Bra - $50

A bra with two important features: absorbent padding to catch any accidental emissions of milk, and openable windows for ease of nursing. It comes with a pair of matching panties, and both are made out of a stretch material that claims to fit all sizes.

Can't buy it until after started lactating.

Cocoa Butter - $45

A jar of cocoa butter. Rubbing this into your skin makes it nice and smooth, and a little more pliable. Pregnant women apparently use this to prevent stretch marks...

Stretchy Shirt and Pants - $50

A pair of stretchy pants with a matching shirt. They're designed to expand to accommodate the growing size of a mother-to-be. They may not be the most stylish of clothes, but they perform their function well enough.

Maternity Dress - $70

A nice, airy dress, colored in a light pink pastel. Made for pregnant women, the dress has plenty space around the midsection for growing mothers-to-be.

Flirty Maternity Clothes - $65

A pair of stretchy capris matched to a similarly stretchy t-shirt. The following is printed across the front of the t-shirt: "Obviously, I'm a big fan of sex." It's pretty flirtatious, and it certainly doesn't hide the fact that you're pregnant, either with the words, or the clothes, which are actually pretty tight.

Sexy Maternity Clothes - $100

A low-cut top that shows off pregnancy-enlarged breasts, matched with an almost-ridiculously short skirt that barely covers the ass. The shirt also doesn't even make an attempt to cover the belly, apparently deciding that its better to let everyone see the mother-to-be's expanding stomach.