An adult store. They sell anything you could think of, as long as you're thinking of sex. They tend to cater to female tastes, but there's some male stuff in here as well. Not to mention everything you could ever need for a night (or a week) of varied sexual activity.

Items for saleEdit

Name Description Cost
Inflatable Dildo A special dildo that, once inserted, has a special switch that increases the girth of the dildo to fit the opening, so to speak. It looks like a fairly new product. $100
Strap-on A large double-ended strap-on. One end goes in you, the other end goes in your partner. Seems pretty straightforward, though the rig looks a little uncomfortable. $250
Handcuffs A pair of steel handcuffs. For restraining dangerous criminals, or for getting into kinky bondage during sex. $125
Collar A simple leather collar, like a choker. $85
Spiked Collar A leather collar with some metal spikes attached to it, pointing outwards. $95
Dildo A large pink dildo. Used by women (and some men) to aid in self-pleasure. It can also be used during sex to change things up a little bit, if necessary. $50
Dildo Panties A pair of panties that, when worn, position a carefully hidden dildo directly in your pussy. A small computer chip makes it vibrate at random times, stimulating you at possibly inconvenient times. It also comes with a simple bra. $80
Black Dildo A dildo that is completely black. And...rather large. You get a strange feeling looking at it... $75

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