Lydia is a shy gothic girl seen wandering round the mall. There is currently a 1 in 10 chance of meeting her. You have to wait until she drops her bag before you can speak to her.

Once she's willing to talk to you, you have three options to choose from when speaking with her.

  • Ask if she wants to go shopping together
    • Currently doesn't do anything
  • Chat
    • Brings up a few chat options
      • Do you like cats?
        • Not really
        • I like the internet cats
          • Lydia hates lolcats, and will get very angry with you
        • Yes
          • Lydia has a cat herself and will gush on her cat until she has to leave
      • What you do like to eat?
        • High Class Foods
        • Good ol' burger
          •  Lydia answers:"Me too! There's this great place not far from here where you can get a burger to die for. Maybe we should go some time."
        • Sushi
          • Lydia will angrily inform you that not all Asians like Sushi.
        • Spaghetti and Meatballs
        • I like all kinds of food
          • Lydia will glare at you and call you indecisive
      • What are you shopping for?
        • This and that
          • Lydia answers: "Oh, you're actually shopping, huh?" You nod in response. "Well, I guess that's alright."
        • Nothing, really
          • Lydia answers "Oh, so you're just spending time at the mall, huh?" You nod. "I like doing stuff like that. I don't really have a lot of a money, you know, student and all, but it's nice to come here and...well, dream."
        • People
          • Lydia scowls at the idea of people fishing and changes the topic
  • Say Goodbye

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