A clothing store. They tend to specialize in...unique fashions, especially clothes that are more obviously designed for sex appeal than actual utility. They prices are extravagant, but their clothes are top of the line.

Located in the Mall.

  • Latex Keyhole Dress - $175
A black latex keyhole dress, so named due to the "keyhole" view of your cleavage it provides. It fits tightly, and is certainly one of the more daring outfits you've seen lately.
  • Fishnet Mini Dress - $50
A "dress" that's composed of fishnet-style knitting. It does absolutely nothing to conceal your underwear (if you're wearing any), and clearly shows off all of your goods and services.
  • Leather Dress - $300
A black leather dress. It looks like a normal black dress, except the material is somewhat shiny. The leather is quite soft and pliable, by virtue of being somewhat thin.
  • White Cotton Dress - $60
A simple white cotton dress that reaches to your ankles. Simple yet elegant, it's also quite feminine.
  • Purple Belted Dress - $95
A purple dress that reaches to your knees, with a wide, black belt around the waist. Still quite feminine, but since it flatters your figure a bit more, it's also quite sexy.
  • Floral Print Dress - $80
A casual, light blue dress that reaches to your knees, with an elaborate floral print design down one side. Rather feminine, but it looks good on the right kind of woman.