A convenience store. You're not likely to find anything you actually need here, but there's useful stuff nonetheless.

Located in the Mall.

  • Pack of Cigarettes - $20
A pack of Malboros Lights. Ten cigarettes to a pack. It's an unhealthy habit, but can be considered sexy by some. It's also calming.
  • Disposable Lighter - $10
A cheap plastic lighter. Intended to light cigarettes and be readily accessible. It has enough fuel to last for a disturbingly long time.
  • Gold Lighter - can't buy yet
A gold-plated, monogrammed lighter, the sign of someone with confidence and style.
  • Lighter Fuel - $25
A small can of lighter fuel for non-disposable lighters.
  • Box of Condoms - $15
A box of condoms. In the event of sex, apply to male member to prevent pregnancy and STD transmission.
  • Cleaning Supplies - $75
A collection of cleaning supplies, including various implements, chemicals, and consumable materials like paper towels. This is way more than you would ever need to clean your apartment, even if you cleaned it once a day, though it would make cleaning your apartment easier.
Then again, you might be able to use this stuff to clean other people's houses and charge them. Like a maid service for hire.
  • Suntan Lotion - $30
A bottle of SPF 30 sunblock. Perfect for getting just the right tan without burning.