A shoe store. Overly protective parents have protested against it for years for irrevocably damaging their children's thought processes, but no one else minds; the selection is quite good, and they can order in anything you want.

Located in the Mall.

  • Short Heels - $40
A pair of closed-toe heels, with a 1" heel. They're not so tall that they're difficult to move around in.
  • Platform Shoes - $75
A pair of wedge heel platform shoes. Wearing these will make you look a little taller.
  • Platform Boots - $125
A pair of platform boots. The tight, shiny leather of the boots reaches all the way to your knees, and the wedge heels will make you look a little taller.
  • Combat Boots - $100
A pair of heavy, black combat boots. The soles are thick and the boots resist just about everything, but they're surprisingly comfortable. Getting kicked with one of these would hurt like hell.
  • Medium Heels - $70
A pair of closed toe 3" heels. A little difficult to walk in, but they can make you look very good if you know what you're doing.
  • Tall Heels - $95
A pair of tall, 5" heels. Difficult to walk in if you don't know what you're doing, but if you do, they can help you pull of quite the look.
  • Stiletto Heels - $150
A pair of heels, with a thin, 5" spike for a heel. Very seductive, but painful to wear.
  • Knee High Boots - $250
A pair of shiny leather boots, with a thick sole, that reaches your knees. The leather is protective, but also gives you a rather enticing appearance.
  • Buy Requirement: Inhibition 75 and below.
  • Thigh High Boots - $350
A pair of shiny latex boots, with a 4" stiletto heel. The latex reaches halfway up your thigh, and the stiletto heels let everyone know who's in charge.
  • Buy Requirement: Inhibition 65 and below.
  • Ballet Heels - $275
A pair of extremely tall heels (7"), with reinforced padding around the toes, as the only way to walk around on these heels is on your toes. Absolutely painful, but potentially very sexy.
  • Buy Requirement: Inhibition 50 and below.
  • Strappy Sandals - $50
A pair of sandals, with a bit of a heel to them, and a number of straps to keep them on your feet. They look kind of sexy, while still being somewhat demure and professional.
  • Sandals - $25
A pair of comfortable, practical flat sandals, with leather straps and such to keep them on your feet. Not exactly sexy, but eminently practical for walking.
  • Strappy Heels - $75
A pair of sandal-like shoes. The straps will easily keep them on your feet, and the three inch heel will make you look both sexy and elegant while walking. Definitely sexy, but probably not very practical.