You unlock the Fight Club via selecting 'Walk' from the option of walking around. You may also unlock the club by repeated visits to the Dojo, though this may only be true if you are training in Judo.  The fight club can only be visited at Night or Late Night.

You can perform one of two actions here:

  • watch a fight (increases manliness)
  • pick a fight (increases manliness, +1 to Martial Arts, Cash rewards if win, Advance to next fighter if win)

You cannot fight if:

  • You are too fat (maximum weight limit appears to be extra-curvy)
  • Your breasts are larger then a C-cup (exactly C is ok).
  • You are wearing skimpy clothes or underwear. (sports bra and boyshorts + sweatsuit are known to work here)
  • You already fought someone this week.

Each fighter allows you to pick a strategy which presumably gives a bonus or a penalty to your combat skills against them.


*Currently, after you defeat Bullet and gain the "Eagle" title, you can no longer progress in the Fight Club and can only watch fights. Any attempt to start a new fight at this point will show "Fight Club Members - Start A Fight", but will not start a fight nor give you a reason why you cannot fight any further.

*Currently there is a glitch that allows you to watch a fight and then return to the fight club the same night to watch another indefinitely due to the Fight club being accessable at Late Night. This allows for unlimited manliness boosting without progressing to the next day.

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