A bar you and your friends have been known to frequent. Despite the odd name, it's a nice place. The Bartender named Sam normally is here serving drinks. He used to know you really well as a guy.

-Part of the introduction takes place here, and you can also visit here after the introductions during the evening, night and late night hours. You can get drinks from the bartender or try to seduce a patron (males if you are straight, females if you are lesbian, and if bi-sexual the patron's sex will be randomly male or female). Successful seduction is based on a few factors, with charisma and appearance being some of them. Normally you need at least 50% arousal or drink some alcohol before you will be 'in the mood' to seduce someone.

It's unconfirmed if the different drinks may add different amounts to hidden mechanics (drinker and alcoholic traits, how much you can drink before getting drunk, etc), but what is confirmed is that daiquiri adds 1 femininity point per drink.

The different patrons if seduced will usually (but not always) reduce arousal and inhibitions and increase femininity and sex skill. Each person is unique to how much they change the stats (currently 6 different males and 4 different females). Sexuality will change based on the gender of the person you seduced (sometimes there is no change). And for a couple of them there is a further choice after you seduced them that will affect what happens.

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