Exercise equipmentEdit

Use of exercise equipment may require you to set a designated outfit to do so by using the closet in your bedroom. Large breasts may require you to use a sports bra.

Yoga MatEdit

Cost: $50

A blue, padded mat. It is meant to be used for yoga exercises, and comes with a free instruction book describing the various poses.

For each time used, this will add 1 femininity point, and continual use will decrease butt size and help you lose weight.


Cost: $65

Two pieces of padded metal tube, attached together with a hinge. The intent is to put it between your legs and squeeze them together, strengthening your thighs. Also helpful for toning your gluteus Maximus (your butt).

Continual use will get your butt to 'heart-shaped', so increasing your butt size if it is small or decreasing it if it is large. Using it as often as you use the yoga mat will keep your butt at the size you have if it is currently heart-shaped or smaller.



A treadmill. Surprisingly low-tech, but a good workout nonetheless.

Weight KitEdit


A kit of weights, designed for free-lifting at home. The kit contains the bars, as well as weights of various sizes and mass, so that you can customize your experience.

For each time used, this subtracts one femininity point. Continual use will add muscles size/strength.