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This is the Wikia for Anonymous Man's transformation game 'Cursed!' you can find the development blog here

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The beginning screen of the game

The game Cursed! is an adult text based game with some transformations that revolves around your character being a mid twenties office worker who is a womanizer/man-whore, and then one day a Mysterious Woman comes along and turns your character into a woman as punishment for your womanizing ways. During the first year, your character's body as a woman is malleable and subject to changes based on internal and external stimuli.

Cursed! is a game being developed by Anonymous Man using the RAGS, to play the game you must download the RAGS Suit:

Versions prior to 0.5.1 use RAGS 2.4

Versions 0.5.1 to use RAGS

Versions and up use RAGS 2.4.16

Game Development Status: Inactive
Current Game Build: Version Download Here Version History

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Home Beach
Church Doctor's Office
Fen's Bar Fight Club
Lab Mall

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