A clothing store. They tend to have a rather average selection of styles, but the prices are reasonable.

Located in the Mall.

  • Grey Pantsuit - $200
A stylish grey pantsuit. Despite being inspired by the usually-male suit, this pantsuit is quite feminine, with a grey jacket, black, v-neck blouse underneath, and a well-cut pair of grey pants.
  • Asymmetrical Mini Dress - $75
A shimmering silver mini dress with an asymmetrical ruffle bottom. Moving too quickly while wearing this dress will probably cause problems with people seeing your underwear (or lack thereof).
  • Blouse and Pants - $105
A grey button-up blouse, and a pair of black slacks. A rather casually professional look.
  • T-shirt and Jeans - $75
A simple white cotton t-shirt and blue jeans. Perfect for pulling off a casual, "girl-next-door" look.
  • Tanktop and Shorts - $75
A black tanktop with a pair of khaki shorts that go to about your mid-thigh. Casual and carefree.
  • Umbrella - $20
A simple umbrella. It should protect you against all but the heaviest rain. Just having it is good enough, you'll use it when you need it.
  • Raincoat - $50
A rubber raincoat. It'll protect against most rain, unless it's really pouring. Just having it is good enough, you'll use it when you need it (as long as you're not already wearing a coat).
  • Snow Boots - $35
A pair of fur-lined snow boots. They'll keep your feet warm when it's cold or snowing out. You'll wear them automatically when the need arises, carrying your chosen shoes with you to your destination.