"The local church, Our Lady Of The Immaculate Conception. It's pretty small, but can seat several dozen people without too many problems. The decorations are religious, with several beautiful stained glass windows. The church is well lit and inviting. A door at the back of the church leads to an attached convent."

When inside the Church, you can interact with the pew :

  • If you choose "Reflect" :
    • Choosing "Instrospective time" will increase your Morality.
    • Choosing "Take a nap" will obviously have the opposite effect (decrease Morality, need confirmation), -10 arousal.
  • If your Morality is high enough, you can "Pray" (increase Morality).

On sunday, if you go the Church, the priest will deliver a sermon. After the sermon, a collection plate will be passed around. From then, you can :

  • Donate money : $10 or $25 or $50 (increase your Morality).
  • Steal the money : decrease a lot your Morality and you earn a random amount of money between $50 and $150.
  • Pass the plate : nothing happens.

There are also different places inside the Church. Places you can enter at first:

  • Confessional Booth - nothing in it for now
  • Convent - a nun will ask, if player wants to join the church, at which player refuses and leaves.

If player wears nun outfit and has enough in deception skill(20), should succeded in getting inside.

There player is introduced to other nuns and Mother Superior.

At next visit, player can talk to random nun in covent. It results in helping them in their chores. Then there is an option:

  • Focus on working - no apparent effect
  • Talk to sister - can result either in nothing (possibly getting closer to the nun) or in sister revealing her secret. That lead to either :
    • pray - unknown effect, possible nothing.
    • self stimulant - sister leaves in a hurry, later effect unknown
    • help to release the tension - lesbian scene, available only if sexuality is lesbian
  • Flirt with the sister - sister goes to tell about it to Mother Superior, who then asks you to leave and never return. The Nun outfit is permanently lost and cannot be bought again,

Sister names appeares after talking to her.They are:

  • Sister Su Li - least possible to have a secret
  • Sister Jacqueline - has secret
  • Sister Marie -has secret, possible to go straight to make out later on
  • Sister Bianca - has secret
  • Sister Claire - first secret, later on goes straight to make out

Meeting can only occur once a day.

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